Alternatives to Litigation

Resolving Disputes Outside the Courtroom

An experienced divorce attorney will help you determi ne if any of the above methods of resolving your litigation are right for you. Robin R. Zegen has been resolving divorce cases for 30 years. Robin R. Zegen has been through her own high conflict divorce and knows the emotional and financial stress of pro tracted divorce litigation. She settles the cases that can be settled and litigates the ones that cannot be settled. Call Robin R. Zegen today so she can begin to help you strategize and resolve your divorce quickly and efficiently or properly prepare your case for trial, if needed.

Alternatives to Traditional Litigation

Exploring Non-Adversarial Paths

While a divorce can only be granted by a Judge, that does not mean that everyone has hearings or trials for their case. In fact, most cases will reach an agreement with only about 6% – 10% of cases being determined in a courtroom. Agreements are reached to avoid lengthy litigation, the emotional stress of protracted litigation, and the cost involved in resolving your case in the court system.

There are numerous ways that an experienced divorce attorney can help you try to settle your case and end the emotional and financial stress, including the following

  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Postnuptial Agreements
  • Informal Settlement
  • Mediation Arbitration
  • Collaborative Divorce
All o f these methods of resolving divorces are much faster and less expensive than litigating in court. These methods are more private and allow for a more creative solution in which the parties retain the ability to decide the details of their divorce rather than letting a stranger (the judge or jury) decide the details of their divorce. Furthermore, amicable divorces result in better coparenting and a faster recovery from the divorce process.