"To be in your children's memories tomorrow. You have to be in their lives today." Anonymous

Visitation Rights

Ensuring Meaningful Time with Your Child

Possession and Access is the most fought over issue in family law. Most fight so they can spend more time with the child, and some fight for the child to have less time with the other parent. Even in the situations where both parents are great, it is difficult to realize that a court order will tell you when you can and cannot be with your child.

Possession and Access is not just the right to have the child with you, but also includes the right to call and text your child and the right to be at all of the things that are important to your child. While Texas law recognizes that in most situations both parents should have frequent and meaningful time with their child, not everyone has the same possession order.

If parents agree on a possession schedule the courts will almost always accept what the parents present. However, when the parents cannot agree on a possession schedule, the court must look at what is best for the child. While Texas law provides some guidelines for possession schedules, an experienced child custody attorney can help you create a possession schedule that fits your situation and help you show the court why that schedule would be in your child’s best interest.

Don’t negotiate with the other parent until you have learned about possession schedules and pitfalls to avoid and definitely don’t go to court unprepared. Robin R. Zegen has 30 years of experience in creating possession orders and personal experience of working with a long-distance possession order. Call Robin R. Zegen today for a consultation and evaluation of your situation.