Child Custody: Helping Children Learn To Live In Two Homes

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Parents who divorce are compelled to consider how the split will affect their children.

One of the immediate stresses of this situation is going back and forth between homes. Parents should consider these tips to help make the transition in life circumstances easier for their children.

Establishing consistency and routines

One key strategy for helping children adjust to living in two homes after the divorce is to establish consistency in their routines. Parents can collaborate to maintain similar schedules, rules and disciplinary approaches in both homes. This consistency provides a sense of security and stability for the children, making transitions between homes smoother. Ensuring that daily routines, such as mealtimes, homework, and bedtimes, remain as unchanged as possible, can significantly reduce stress and confusion.

Creating a space for them in both homes

It’s essential for children to feel a sense of belonging in each parent’s home. This can be achieved by allowing them to have their own space in both places, where they can keep their personal items, toys and clothes. Encouraging children to personalize their spaces can help them feel more comfortable and secure. Knowing they have a place that is theirs in both homes, reinforces the idea that they are not just visiting but that both places are their home.

Open communication

Maintaining open lines of communication is crucial in helping children adapt to living in two homes. Parents should encourage their children to express their feelings and concerns about the new living arrangements and listen to them without judgment. Children need to know that their feelings are valid and that both parents are there to support them. Additionally, parents should communicate with each other to stay informed about the children’s activities, health, and emotional well-being. This ensures that they are providing consistent care and support for the children.

Getting a parenting plan set as quickly after the split as possible can help provide a foundation of stability for the kids. Working with an experienced divorce attorney who understands the situation and can help with putting everything into a parenting plan, can help to establish a routine the children can depend upon and the consistency they need to thrive in two homes.     

If you are having difficulty with creating a parenting plan for your children or you have a parenting plan that is either not working or the other parent is not following, schedule a consultation to learn what you can do to improve the situation for your children.  Call 972-653-0448 to schedule a consultation today.