Should We Stay Together For the Children

If you have children, you may realize that it is time for divorce but wonder if you should stay together for the sake of your children. This is a common misconception and a big mistake! Your children are learning from you. Your marriage is teaching your children about relationships. They are learning how to treat their future partners and how to let those partners treat them.

Ask yourself, ‘Do you like what your marriage is teaching your children?’ If your child were in a relationship like yours, would you counsel them to stay in that situation? If the answer is no, then you probably should get a divorce. Your actions are teaching your children more than you realize.

Children know far more about your relationship than you realize. Parents are always surprised to find out that the children knew the marriage was over long before the parents admitted it. Children benefit from happy parents and likewise, children are affected by unhappy parents.

There is no question that divorce impacts children, but so does a bad marriage. While an experienced divorce attorney can show you healthy ways to help your children adjust to the changes brought about by divorce, there is nothing healthy about staying in a bad marriage. Children who are raised in an abusive relationship are more likely to be in abusive relationships themselves.

Children want to feel safe and loved and you can definitely help them feel that way while getting a divorce. There are many resources to help your children adjust in a healthy way to their new normal, but most children do much better just being around happy parents again.

If you have decided it is time to get a divorce, call Robin R. Zegen and talk about your options and how to lessen the impact of divorce on your children.