Child Custody: Helping Children Learn To Live In Two Homes

child custody two homes

Parents who divorce are compelled to consider how the split will affect their children. One of the immediate stresses of this situation is going back and forth between homes. Parents should consider these tips to help make the transition in life circumstances easier for their children. Establishing consistency and routines One key strategy for helping […]

Now that I Have an Order How Do I Make the Other Party Follow that Order

It can be so frustrating to spend all the time and money to get a court order to have the other party just ignore it.  Unfortunately, nobody monitors whether a party is following the court order, expect the other party.  Therefore, it has to be brought to the court’s attention.  We do this through filing […]

Standard Possession Order May Produce Four Weekends in a Row for Fathers

It is difficult to navigate the Standard Possession Order weekends.  Most standard possession orders start weekends on Fridays, so you count Fridays to know whether it is a 1st or 2nd weekend.  In other words, if the first lands on a Saturday that weekend is the last weekend of the previous month because the Friday, […]